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At odds about what to get/ make a few TF fans for the holidays... you know those few who have just about -every- action figure under the sun.

DA to the rescue! I searched around the arts and crafts section and found these awesome kick aft artists. Some of them do sell their work, if your in a pinch for time (have some cash to burn)... If not... ^-^ then at least, hopefully, you'll be able to gain some inspiration from them.

Lets start this off with a bang!

First up, and lady who needs no intro.. but I'll give her one anyway..

Suzy Wong aka Plush-Bots makes some awesomely cute and cuddly Plushformers.

:thumb77587605: :thumb75366233:

She has also been kind enough to post some basic simple patterns/ sewing tips for beginners ... AND (as if that wasn't cool enough) making a book!... Info can be found here…)

In the cute and cuddly section there are these insanely detailed Needle felted TF's by GlassCamel.

Everyone So Far by GlassCamel  Needle-Felted Jazz by GlassCamel Needle-Felted Optimus Prime by GlassCamel

GlassCamel does NOT sell these.. but info on needle felting can be found… (or search for tutorials on Google) if you'd like to give it a shot yourself.

Not so good at sewing?... what about customizing another doll or plush to fit your needs? trillions customized a MLP to look like movie Bumblebee... two 80's cartoons combined!

Bumblebee by trillions
(side note: seriously check out trillions gallery... Those MLP Customs are beautiful!)

batchix creates these super sexy AND fully posable BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls)

Sunny and Sides on the beach by batchix  Sunstreaker doll by batchix  Sideswipe doll by batchix

(The detail in these guys are amazing!)

Ok so maybe doll.. excuse me ACTION FIGURES... aren't really your thing. More handy with power tools and sharp objects? AutobotWonko makes some really cool home decor .. with stained glass!?

Galvatron Stained Glass by AutobotWonko Matrix Stained Glass II by AutobotWonko Decepticon Staine Glass by AutobotWonko Autobot Stained Glass by AutobotWonko

(I'm thinking a similar effect can be done with stain glass paint aka gallery glass ... not -as- cool or durable as stain glass but sounds like a cheaper alternative if you don't have the skills or funds to commission someone... but commissioning him is worth saving up for, in my humble opinion.. not only for the good quality but the man's got some mad skills.)

Ok so maybe stain glass isn't your thing ether... what about etched glass? THWAQ sells these cool frosty etched glasses for -very- good prices.. useful and cool.

Transformers Glasses by THWAQ

So you still want to play with sharp objects hu?... but glass is a bit too much for you? ..Wanta get more in the holiday spirit? Check out these insanely detailed TF themed snowflakes by ChimeraDragonfang

G1Flake Redux by ChimeraDragonfang Mini-con Flake by ChimeraDragonfang

She also sells her beautiful work. commission info can be found here chimeradragonfang.deviantart.c…

Ok! ...Still haven't found that -special- gift yet guys? If your still reading I'll assume not.

Looking for something a little smaller? You guys out there need to find your femme's a good gift for the holidays? ... What about TF jewelery?

Mysticom made these awesome TF earrings

Transformers Earrings by Mysticom

She doesn't sell them anymore but was kind enough to tell me how she made them.

"You can easily make these yourself, buying 2 sets of the movie keychains and earring hooks from a hobbyshop." Mysticom

SpaceHappy also makes and sells, some styling bling that would make the Jazz man proud!

TF Treasure - Jazz by SpaceHappy
(There are too many beautiful pieces to list here, her gallery is a must see!)

Ok.. you -still- haven't found what you're looking for.. Geeze you people are hard to please.. ;p

Want something a little more heavy duty, something thats totally unexpected? Something that will make her squeal like a fangirl on a sugar high?

Check -this- out.. ( *coughs* any guys out there looking to propose to me.. this might not get you there.. but it'll sure rack up the brownie points)

Dans-Magic makes.. well ok I can't describe it... I'll just have to show it too you.. Yes its THAT awesome..

He does take commissions! ^_^

If your more of a Decepticon fan.. (I'm generally not, but I do have a soft spot for the seekers) LagunaL8 came up with this amazing design... along with a link to step by step photos!! ...(insert fangirl squeal) I think I love you...

(Note to LagunaL8: I know I didn't get to hear back from you before I put you in the feature... but temptation got the better of me..this was too awesome to NOT be put in.. If you'd like me to edit/ take it out, please send me a note letting me know and it will be done ASAP)

Decepticon ring by LagunaL8

Thank you to all the wonderful artists who agreed to be featured!

I hope some of these kick aft artists have at -least- inspired you to think outside the box, or given you some ideas. ^_^

Much love and God bless,

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LagunaL8 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
A little late to reply but thanks for the feature : D
GlassCamel Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
Thank you so much for the feature! There is some amazing skill on display here! I'm not worthy!
MiniMedic Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
^^ Well you guy are amazing artists!
ChimeraDragonfang Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
Thanks for the feature. So much neat stuff here.
MiniMedic Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
^^ Welcome!

There are a lot of awesome artists on DA.
SpaceHappy Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you so much, for the feature and the kind words! :)
MiniMedic Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
^-^ Your welcome!... so many shiny things! *stares at them*
batchix Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008  Professional Artist
aww~ thanks! :D

ooo... i am so tempted by those rings. ;3;//
MiniMedic Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008
Welcome! ^-^... they are shiny!
SuzyWong Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
Sweet!!! Thanks for the feature!! :icongwomp:

:love: So many lovely pieces *faves 'em* :love:
MiniMedic Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
^-^ hehe you're welcome!
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